We welcome you to the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary, (GELTS), Ndu. We are an establishment of the Cameroon Baptist Convention, located in Ndu within the North-West Region of Cameroon. Founded in 1947, GELTS features a standing tradition of commitment to the inerrancy and absolute authority of Scripture because the infallible Word of God. We believe that God uses His Word for the salvation and sanctification of mankind. As such, we are committed to training Bible-saturated, Christ-centered, and Spirit-filled Bible expositors who will honour Jesus by faithfully preaching and living out His word. GELTS is one among the outstanding theological institutions in Cameroon, accredited with the Association for Christian Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) at the Affiliate level.

That therefore means GELTS has international recognition. Certificates obtained at GELTS are going to be recognized by accredited theological institutions round the world. Our programs provide the simplest of theological education which will stand all the context based challenges of ministry and life. we provide programs from the Certificate of Women’s Ministries Department to the Masters level. we provide specializations in Bible and Theology; Pastoral Care and Counseling; Evangelism and Missions; and Bible Translation and Linguistics because the Bachelor’s level. Our Master’s program is split into two streams: The Master of Divinity Program (3 years) for those that obtain their bachelor’s degree from secular university; and Master of Arts Program (2 years) for those that obtain their bachelor’s degree from a theological institution.

We are committed to spiritual and academic excellence and equally committed to make sure that the accreditation standards are stringently respected. GELTS benefits from strong partnerships with a number of the seminaries in Africa and North America, e.g. the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary Ogbomoso, Nigeria and Sioux Falls Seminary within the us of America just to say a couple of. Ndu Town where GELTS is situated may be a very conducive environment for studies and has all that you simply will need so as to review comfortably. The climate is cold and has two seasons: the season and rainy seasons. it's indeed a welcoming environment and you'll not regret living in Ndu for your studies. It is our privilege to serve you, if you've got sensed God’s calling on your life to proclaim His word. we'll offer you the training you would like so as to satisfy that calling. aware of the very fact that we are training ambassadors for Christ, which is our motto, we seek to supply the foremost rigorous academic and spiritual preparation you would like so as to represent Jesus may be a worthy manner.

This is often wiped out an environment where Jesus is loved and worshiped in particular because the Son of God. We are thus a community committed to excellence in our love, worship and repair of God. At GELTS, you'll be called upon to “Do your best to present yourself to God together approved, a worker who has no got to be ashamed, rightly handling the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15). GELTS is blessed the simplest resident, part-time, and visiting faculty who are men and ladies who love Jesus and are committed to training men and ladies to influence the planet for Him. This faculty will invest their lives in you, shaping and forming you into being the type of gospel minister the Lord delights certain His service. If God is looking you into the gospel ministry, GELTS is that the best place for you to think about. We are here at your service and can provide the simplest of help that you simply need as you pursue God’s calling in your life.

Dr. Rev. Bill Thomason


Early Beginnings
GELTS, because it is usually called today, started in 1947 in Belo. Missionaries from the North American Baptist denomination were organizing churches at the time and saw the necessity to coach pastors to serve in these churches. So GELTS was established. the primary student body was comprised of fourteen part-time students. Rev. Don S. Ganstom was appointed because the first principal-teacher, assisted by Rev. Stephen N. Nteff and Mrs. Lois Ahrens. Clearly from the start the hand of the Lord was upon this educational enterprise.

The scholar body continued to grow steadily. After three years of existence, GELTS moved to Mbem in 1950. the scholar body continued to grow to twenty-eight students. the expansion of the varsity also made imperative the appointment of part-time teachers. Missionaries took turns to travel to Mbem and teach for a month or more. In 1954 after considering many things, including future expansion, the varsity was moved to Ndu with 41 students. because the school expanded its programs, dormitories and staff quarters were constructed. During the time of 1954-1959 classes were held in temporary buildings.

Changes of Name
In 1954, when the varsity was moved from Mbem to Ndu, the name was changed from Cameroon Baptist Mission Bible School to Baptist Bible Training Centre, Ndu. In 1973, it had been it had been again changed but retaining the previous initials, to Baptist Bible college to point its secondary level status. Then in 1983 the name was changed to Grace Evangelical Lutheran Theological Seminary, this point to point out its status as a degree offering institution. Following this alteration of status, in 1988 the title for the position of Principal was changed thereto of President.


Between 1960 and 1972 under the leadership of Rev. Elmer C. Strauss, plans were made for the event of latest classrooms, a library/office building, and a chapel. North American Baptist churches financed these buildings. Later in 1981 an extension was added to the library, turning the old library into an area and making a replacement book stacks area and offices for the library. This was followed by some renovation of the foremost single student’s dormitory into several smaller room units and thus the building of three more adequate staff houses. Since then two rooms are added to the library, an area on the earstern side and two classroom on the western side of the building. one of the rooms on the western side now's the Digital Library.

In 1998, The Baptist World Alliance donated funds for the contruction of every other extension, at the western facet of the most library. that is frequently still within the technique of being furnished. The church buildings of the NAB furnished budget for the studying tables of this extension. In 1985 a college for teaching missionary children (CAN) was built. In 1996 it were revamped and made into a building for the Women’s Ministries Department, with workplace and school room area, a room, alittle room, and present day kitchen facility for domestic economics classes. During 1995-1996, a toddler Care Centre changed into built. The Bethlehem Baptist Church of Minneapolis, USA also donated funds for the storey building (the Bethlehem Complex), which now provides enough area for offices, the Wycliffe Hall, and fourteen classrooms.

Principals, Presidents and Provosts

The seminary has been served over the years with the aid of variety of fellows who've given able leadership as Principals , Presidents and currently Provost. These men are indexed here, indicating the years they served because the pinnacle of the institution.

Child Care Centre

The Child Care Center (CCC) started in 1972 as a children’s room to fear for youngsters whose mothers have been reading within the women’s Ministries Department. Originally there were 25 preschoolers who were cared for by way of two paid baby-sitters. Today the CCC may be a quickly developing ministry, worrying for kids whose mother and father are reading within the seminary. it is also hospitable serve the floor community. A fanatical body of workers is committed to looking after those youngsters and assisting them to grow physically and spiritually.

Primary School

The wide variety of youngsters at the CCC improved with the surging enrolment at GELTS. Considering both the expanded wide variety of the youngsters, and consequently the need for his or her safety, the Administration decided to start a preschool. The right care that children receive in the school have become a motivation for the college. This naturally developed into a whole grade college. In 2012 the Cameroon Ministry of Basic Education recognized the college as a Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) Bilingual Primary and Nursery Schools. the varsity graduated its first batch of sophistication Six pupils with a 100% achievement on the Cameroon Government front exam.